Sunday, November 10, 2019

Does St. Bridget's Prophecy say Francis's "Corpse" will be "Devoured by Dogs"?

If Francis is validly the pope and he ends priestly celibacy as he appears in the process of doing then here is part of St. Bridget's prophecy for him:

"[I]f some pope concedes to priests a license to contract marriage. God will condemn him to a sentence... his eyes gouged out, his tongue and lips... his body's blood spilled out to grow cold, and finally, his whole bloodless corpse cast out to be devoured by the dogs... his soul would be cast out to be tortured eternally in hell."
(, "St. Bridget on Celibacy & Masculine Women")

This is another reason why Cardinal Raymond Burke who says he is not Francis's "enemy" should call a imperfect council to investigate and judge the validity of the Francis papacy and if he is some how validly a pope to depose him as a explicitly heretical pope as prescribed by St. Francis de Sales.

Cardinal Burke if St. Bridget's prophecy is true you'll be doing Francis the greatest charity possible to him by calling a imperfect council.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church.

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