Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Why are Cdl. Burke & the Faithful Catholic Media like the Leashed Dog in the Foghorn Leghorn Cartoon?

In the old Warner Brothers cartoon the rooster Foghorn Leghorn's archenemy George P. Dog was on a leash which meant he could only go as far as the length of the rope leash and had to stop.

Foghorn even painted a line on the ground with a sign reading "Rope Limit" which George P. Dog could never go beyond.

Why are Cardinal Raymond Burke and the faithful Catholic media such the Remnant's Michael Matt as well as other Catholic media like Leghorn's archenemy George P. Dog not allowed to go passed the line with the sign that reads "Rope Limit"?

Why is the once talked about Formal Correction of Francis by Burke and the faithful Catholic media now beyond the "Rope Limit"?

Why is even discussing the possibility of a imperfect council and/or a cardinal and bishop investigation into the Francis conclave and Pope Benedict XVI resignation beyond the "Rope Limit"?

Who and/or what has made Cardinal Burke and the faithful Catholic media into George P. Dog with a rope leash and a "Rope Limit."

Who or what controls them?

Why are they forbidden to even give reasoned arguments, instead of straw man agruments that don't counter our stated dissertations or name calling, against Bishop Rene Gracida and canon law expert Br. Alexis Bugnolo who put forward serious reasoned dissertations from canon law and Pope John Paul II's conclave constitution?

If they really think we who follow Bishop Gracida and Br. Bugnolo are wrong and headed to hell for being in schism from Francis then out of simple charity for our souls they should counter our dissertations and arguments.

If they really believe we are wrong and headed to hell and refuse to seriously give us real arguments then they apparently have lost the supernatural virtue of charity.

If they really believe what they say then for charity's sake they should attempt to save us from hell for being in schism from Francis:

But, all we hear are straw man agruments that don't counter our stated dissertations, name calling propaganda, silence or the noise of them running away as fast as they can from serious reasoned back and forth argumentation.

Just to give fair warning:

We are not going away.

We are growing.

Soon we will be to be too big to ignore.

As even Church Militant's Michael Voris reported we are becoming the majority of faithful Catholics in Rome. The same thing is happening in the United States and if you can't stop us now we will probably grow to be the majority of faithful Catholics in America.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate of Mary.


Debbie said...

Spot on Mr. Martinez. Something is very, very wrong with the "shut up Francis is Pope" crowd. I was reminded today about Dr. Marshall's video wherein he lays out the shenanigans leading up to Benedict's "resignation", yet stops short of saying he could have been forced out.

Debbie said...

Also, Ann Barnhardt has publically stated that Chris Ferrara told her, in person, to her face that "we all think you are probably right". Safe bet to say Michael Matt is probably one of the "we all"? And what exactly has changed your minds that you won't state it publically?

Alexis Bugnolo said...


What Mrs. Barnhardt said needs to be frontline news. It shows how intellectually dishonest the formerly eminent and universally respected Trad leadership has become by their insistence to stay leashed. I personally think it is coming from Big Money in Eastern Switzerland which owns the entire Trad Establishment from the top down. Bishop Williamson was the first to speak of this. I did an article on St Gallen Mafia and Eastern Switzerland which shows the connections are old and deep and very very evil. Soros it must be admitted is using the same control techniques as Hitler, compromise all factions, promise them what they want, on the condition that they buckled down and follow the Leader. For this reason, I want to know with whom the AO folks met with in Munich. Because I cannot understand how you would leave your own son on deaths door in a hospital and rush to Munich for a media stunt. I do not think Matt is that kind of a father.

Fred Martinez said...


In what post did Miss Barnhardt state that?

Thank you.

Alexis Bugnolo said...

She said it her recent podcast.

This post of yours about the leash has got the faithful talking to me. They think that in the case of Cardinal Burke, the leash may be Opus Dei. He has attended Galas organized by them and Opus Dei has a proven track record insisting that their members practice non think about Bergoglio. Opus Dei also has been involved in covering up things of which, well Randy Engle has reported on them. Many think Opus Dei is a cult which practices mind control on those with money and access to power, to keep itself growing. I have only heard bad stuff about them, and have seen many a good catholic become a zombie after becoming associated with them.

Debbie said...

It's in her last podcast, #101 with NVP Mark Docherty.

Aaron said...

Hi Mr. Martinez,
How much weight do you attribute to Fr. Luigi Villa's publication a few weeks prior to Benedict's attempted resignation as a contributing factor in that event?

Debbie said...

At 24 min mark.

Fred Martinez said...

Hi Aaron,

I'll look into it.

Fred Martinez said...


Thanks so much for your efforts.

Catherine Sarto said...

Trad Inc. doesn't want to lose their status and popularity (income). The prelates are probably compromised and are blackmailable. It is quite a cushy life they enjoy during this crisis, isn't it?
Also, simply put, they're just plain scared.

Debbie said...

Thank you Br. AB. I agree whole-heartedly that Mr. Ferrara's statement to Ann needs to go viral. How is the problem.

As to Trad Establishment being owned by Eastern Switzerland...I don't get it. Are they all willing to go along for a paltry couple hundred thousand annually? I can't believe they all could be bought so cheaply. What am I missing?

Aaron said...

Hi Mr. Martinez,

I do look forward to any forthcoming thoughts you may have regarding Fr. Luigi Villa.