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Canon 212's Frank Walker receives the Catholic Monitor Winston Churchill Award

The post Vatican II great traditionalist Catholic leader Michael Davies who was admired and praised by Pope Benedict XVI wrote an article with the title "It is the Mass that Matters." In it he wrote the following about the English martyrs who gave their lives for the Mass:

"We are engaged in a war with the same objectives as the martyrs... the Mass truly mattered for them, we should be prepared to make the sacrifices needed to restore the Mass."
(Catholic Apologetics, "It is the Mass that Matters")

For the first time in the history of the Catholic Church, bishops with the apparent approval of Francis in Rome are suspending the public sacrifice of the Mass worldwide and for whole countries with little opposition from Catholic leaders except for Cardinal Raymond Burke, Canon 212 publisher Frank Walker and a few others.

Sadly, most faithful Catholics aren't surprised by Francis's action in Rome and the bishops who are in close collaboration with him. But, what is troubling is that so-called conservative and traditionalist Catholics led by One Peter Five publisher Steve Skojec are collaborating with the Francis bishops in the banning of public Masses.

Skojec and his allies claim that they are doing this to fight the Coronavirus, but anyone familiar with the country, Taiwan, most successful in stopping the spread of the virus knows this country 80 miles away from Communist China is defeating the virus and allowing Catholic Masses.

Taiwan shows that the Francis bishops and Skojec's campaign to ban Masses isn't needed in defeating the virus. 

Skojec and his collaborators are currently attacking Canon 212 publisher Walker for a headline he made about former EWTN chief operating officer Dan Burke who has caught the Coronavirus and is in the the hospital. Walker has admitted he made a mistake:

"[Walker said] I didn't know that Dan Burke had lung issues."
(The Stumbling Block, 9:57)

It seems hypocritical of Skojec to attack Walker for a mistake in judgement in which he admitted he made a mistake when Skojec has repeatedly insulted Catholic writer Ann Barnhardt without he or even a single one of his allies admitting he made a mistake in judgement. 

Skojec's mocking of Barnhardt got so bad that the former Catholic Answers host Patrick Coffin said of his despicable personal attacks on her:

"Skojec, ever eager for relevance and John Wayne-certified toughness, now mocks a Catholic woman's looks."
(Twitter, September 23, 2019)

It appears that the hypocritical Skojec and his allies campaigning to ban the Mass apparently know that if they can somehow destroy or damage Walker's reputation that one of the main obstacles to their campaign will be removed or at least weakened.

Which brings us to an analogy I wish to make in the conflict between Walker and Skojec and a conflict between Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain. 

The book "In Our Time: The Chamberlain-Hitler Collusion" makes a historical case that Chamberlain was not just a weak appeaser of the Nazis regime, but a cynical collaborator with Adolf Hitler. Moreover, Chamberlain after Churchill became the leader of the country attempted to destroy him with despicable behind the scenes maneuvers.

It appears to this writer that Francis Bishops collaborator Skojec in his attacks on Walker who is in the forefront of the fight to restore the public Mass is maneuvering to takeout Walker as Chamberlain attempted to takeout Churchill.

Walker like Churchill has stood fast in the defense of the Mass as Churchill stood fast in the defense of England against the Nazi tyranny despite all the attacks like the bulldog war leader of Great Britain.

For this reason I am proud to give Mr. Walker the first annual Catholic Monitor Winston Churchill award for his defense of the Mass and efforts to restore it.

Included in my daily prayers will be the intentions of the Canon 212 publisher and his efforts and I ask all the Catholic Monitor readers to pray for Mr. Walker every day.

Pray an Our Father now for Frank Walker and Canon 212.

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Mass and the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 


BrotherBeowulf said…
Feast of the Annunciation
25 March MMXX A. D.

Congratulations, Mr. Walker. May God bless Frank Walker. Pugnacious as Churchill, and that's a compliment.

So he made a mistake of fact. It was of a public figure in a controversy in the public square. He apologized. He's certainly not wishing ill upon anyone. No harm, no foul.

They hate Frank, as they do Ann Barnhardt, for two reasons.

1. He tells the truth.

That's bad enough. What's worse is, he's funny.

Frank's humor lambastes them. That's intolerable.

Traddy Elites! The Rotten Raho. Francissaint Greta. The Holy Skojec! (Anti-)Pope of the Holy Virus!

His headlines are often pure poetic genius. Just hit Catholic nonSodomite Drudge--and see for yourself. An exam

And conversely, the Holy Skojec's comments and tactics are driven by malice and oftentimes beyond sleaze.

Who's paying the Holy Skojec anyway? Opus Dei?

Antipope Francis allies for sure, I would warrant, which would make him the controlled opposition.

Not-for-profits should reveal their biggest donors.

Glad Patrick Coffin noticed and defended Miss Barnhardt.

"Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies!"

And, also from today's Little Office of the Virgin Mary:

"Vouchsafe that I may praise thee holy Virgin; grant me might against thine enemies!"
Fred Martinez said…
Great post, Br. Beowulf.

I laugh very time I read "The Holy Skojec! (Anti-) Pope of the Holy Virus!"

But, my mind reads it as Holy Skojec, the anti-Pope of the Holy Virus!
BrotherBeowulf said…
Thanks Brother Fred--

It's very important in these black days of antipope Francis the Apostate and his criminal co-conspirators among cardinals, bishops and clergy--and a conspiracy of silence among the rest--to keep our sense of charity, and also our sense of humor--which is why we love and owe a great debt to Frank Walker.

He may not be always right on all subjects, hell he's not even sure who the pope is, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and loves the truth.

On my way to Mass (live, not "live-streamed") now in New York--underground due to the Faithless Cardinal, and Fat. As Archbishop Lenga, who was persecuted by the Lavender Mafia, says, there's never a shortage of parishioners to make sure the bishop doesn't lose weight. And he just wants to stay home and do nothing.

We've got precisely two bishops in the entire Church who grasp the gravity of the situation and have the guts to do something about it:

Archbishop Lenga.

And Archbishop ViganĂ².

And three, I say: Bishop Rene Henry Gracida.

That's it. Sadly, that's it.

Immaculate Heart, pray for us!

The Immaculate Conception revealed herself today March 25th in 1858 to the humblest and (paradoxically for that very reason) great St. Bernadette!

lynn said…
Fred I am very appreciative of your work. But you may want to double check the Winston Churchill Award. Churchill was a flagrant homosexual, a member of the order of druids secret society, a prodigy of the banking families that rule the world. He was responsible for luring this country into a banker war that murdered millions. Not a conspiracy is easy to research.
Novella Nurney said…
Mr. Walker and Canon 212 is on my daily list of "must see/read" along with a very few others in Catholic media. Besides the headline to link style of his blog, his wit and humor provide me with an excellent coping mechanism for these trying times.

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