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De Mattei knows "Popes [can] be Deposed... for... Heresy" & be Corrected to the point of being Threatened with being Burned at the "Stake"; Why is he now Silent about it?

One Five publisher Steve Skojec has promoted Bishop Athanasius Schneider's claim that popes cannot be deposed for heresy which "puzzled" renowned historian and scholar Roberto de Mattei.

The renowned scholar apparently, also, has a different take on what "universal acceptance" means than Bishop Schneider promoter Skojec. It appears to means to the scholar that a heretical pope who (apparently was lawfully elected) could lose the papacy if he is not "accepted by the universal Church."

The 1P5 publisher seems to think "universal acceptance" is a "infallible fact" that a claimant for the papacy is definitely a pope even if his pontifical election was unlawful such as if he violated the conclave constitution of the previous pope for a lawful election.

De Mattei said he was "puzzled" by Schneider's claim that "popes cannot be deposed... for... heresy" because the bishop held a position contrary to Doctors of the Church, "great canonists and theologians":

"For as long as he [the heretical pope] is tolerated and accepted by the universal Church, the heretic will be true Pope, and in principle, his acts are valid... Schneider's position is somewhat acceptable... to avoid that crypto-sedevacantism... on the practical level... without excluding future scenarios, like that of a heretic Pope possibly losing the papacy."
(Catholic Family News, "Professor De Mattei Comments on Bishop Schneider's 'Heretical Popes' Text," March 20, 2019)

Moreover, de Mattei wrote that the Medieval "Sorbonne’s Chancellor, Jean Gerson [even] reached the point of threatening John XXII with the stake if he didn’t make a retraction":

"Among the most beautiful and mysterious truths of our faith is the dogma of the Beatific Vision of the souls in Heaven.The Beatific Vision consists in the immediate and intuitive  contemplation of God reserved for souls who have passed to the after-life in a state of Grace and have been completely purified of every imperfection. This truth of faith, enunciated in Holy Scripture and confirmed over the centuries by Tradition, is an unreformable dogma of the  Catholic Church. The new Catechism restates it in n.1023:”Those who die in God’s grace and friendship and are perfectly purified live forever with Christ. They are like God forever for “they see Him as He is” (1 John 3,2), “face to face” (1Corinthians 13,12)"

"At the beginning of the XIV century, a Pope, John XXII, contested this thesis in his ordinary magisterium and fell into heterodoxy. The most fervent Catholics of that time corrected him publically.  John XXII – Cardinal Schuster wrote –“has the gravest responsibilities before the tribunal of history (…) since “he offered the entire Church, the humiliating spectacle of the princes, clergy and universities steering the Pontiff onto the right path of Catholic theological tradition, and placing him in the very difficult situation of having to contradict himself.” (Alfredo Idelfonso Schuster o.s.b. Jesus Christ in Ecclesiastical History, Benedictine Publishing House, Rome 1996, pp. 116-117)...."

"... When the Pope tried to impose this erroneous doctrine on the Faculty of Theology in Paris, the King of France, Philip VI of Valois, prohibited its teaching, and, according to accounts by the Sorbonne’s Chancellor, Jean Gerson [even] reached the point of threatening John XXII with the stake if he didn’t make a retraction.  John XXII’s sermons totus mundum christianum turbaverunt, so said  Thomas of Strasburg, Master of the Hermits of Saint Augustine (in Dykmans,  op. cit., p. 10)."

If Chancellor Gerson were alife today would he with a correction have threatened Francis for his Communion for adulterers heresy with burning at the stake?

Why can't de Mattei follow the French Chancellor's example by issuing a correction to Francis for his Communion for adulterers heresy without the burning at the stake part?

Pray an Our Father now for the restoration of the Church as well as for the Triumph of the Kingdom of the Sacred Heart of the Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Praypraypray said...

This is a very interesting note sent in the “mailbag” to Barnhardt from a lawyer.
He warns about the next possible tactic of turning the burden of proof onto the lay people and I think he’s wondering if it will ever be enough for them to do anything about what’s going on in the Vatican.

I’m definitely not saying that anyone is saying/doing or not saying/doing anything for money. I don’t like to talk or write that way, especially since I do not know that to be true.

However, I’m just trying to figure out why they seem to be so afraid to look directly at the facts on Benedict XVI and his abdication, whether it’s valid or not and on Bergoglio’s nonsense and the writings of the saints on deposing a heretical “Pope”, etc., in their assessment of the Pontificate of Benedict XVI and the nonsense perpetuated by Bergoglio. It seems as if they use psychology, projecting, condescension, belittling comments, fear tactics, threats, and, (some have used), even personal attacks, rather than actually, seriously looking at the complete facts of the case. It’s as if they are avoiding the total truths of the case or sidestepping them out of some sort of fear...? Fear of what? Some talk about money, but I don’t think that’s it... at least not for many of them... Is it the diabolical confusion that we were warned about a while ago?

Sadly, I have some friends who were so poorly catechized that they simply refuse to look at the facts about Bergoglio, as if they’re afraid that they’d be excommunicated or violently struck by lightning for even thinking any bad thoughts about what’s going on in the Vatican. So they cope, psychologically, by ignoring the problem, sticking their heads in the sand, getting angry at anyone exposing the evil and wrongdoings, and looking for other like-minded people so they can prove that they are right in ignoring the problem and not facing facts.

There was a very good commentary on a YouTube video of Fr. Anthony Hannon in regard to the question, “Did Bishop Athanasius Schneider Refute Ann Barnhardt?”.

We need to keep praying that Catholics will awaken completely to the truth and follow through with the correct actions.

Thank you, Fred Martinez.

Fred Martinez said...

Thank you, Praypraypray,

I lost your email address with had your address so I could send you my book. Could you email me it again? Sorry for the trouble. Thanks.

Praypraypray said...

Oh sure. No problem. God bless you for all that you do for the Holy Catholic Church.

Praypraypray said...

Thank you very much. ✝️